Importance of Physical Checkups Prior to Employment

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It’s crucial for companies to make sure their newly hired employee is physically fit for their position apart from their qualification and skills. To help companies ensure this, pre-employment physical examinations are considered a useful tool in the evaluation of an applicant's suitability for a specific job role. At Dr. Khan’s practice, we are there to help you understand the importance of these physical tests and their benefits for both employers and workers.

Why Pre-Employment Physical Exams Matter?

Pre-employment medical tests, often referred to as pre-employment physical exams, are a common procedure in many sectors of the economy. They fulfill a number of crucial functions:

  • Safety: Each profession has some physical demands, and pre-employment physical tests ensure the suitability of a candidate against these requirements.
  • Fitness for Duty: Pre-employment physical tests confirm that candidates are skilled enough to perform their work responsibilities without placing themselves or others at risk.
  • Legal Compliance: Some positions contain specific legal obligations or rules, such as positions concerning public safety or healthcare centers. Pre-employment tests keep the candidate’s legal requirements in line with qualifications and skills. 

What You Might Expect from a Pre-Employment Physical Exam?

The criteria of pre-employment physical tests vary as per the demands of the particular position and the rules of employers. Here are a few common things, though:

  • Medical History: Applicants usually are asked to reveal their medical history in detail including, past diseases, any current ailments, and prescription drugs.
  • Physical Examination: Signs that are considered vital for disability are checked by a doctor or nurse. They might include mobility, hearing, vision, or speech. 
  • Drug Testing: Drug testing is also a part of physical examination, and it assures a drug-free workplace for both employers and employees.
  • Strength and Fitness Assessment: Sometimes, applicants are also required to take strength and fitness tests when it comes to a physically demanding position.
  • Verification of Immunizations: Some employers might ask you for the documentation of your vaccinations.
During a Pre-Employment Physical Exam

No, it’s not necessary. Since the employer’s rules decide whether the pre-employment physical test is important or not, every job role doesn’t need a medical test. Generally, pre-employment physical tests are essential for jobs that have safety concerns or physical requirements.

Generally, pre-employment exams are covered by health insurance plans. However, upfront cost can be expected if patients don’t have insurance.  

The main objective of pre-employment physical tests is to assess your suitability for a particular job. It’s not about whether you pass or fail. In case any underlying health issue is found, your employer can discuss it with you in detail or even provide you with the necessary accommodation.

Of course, your employer will facilitate you accordingly for your pre-employment physical exam if you let them know about your disability in advance. You and your employer together ensure that the exam procedure is just and easily accessible.

When it comes to pre-employment physical test results, they are 100% secure and confidential. The information you provide and your test results are not included in any of your public records. Only your employer’s approved medical practitioners or recruiters can access them. People who are actively involved in the entire hiring process can review your test results and information.