Dr. Maryam Khan, MD

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Dr. Maryam Khan is a well-versed and dedicated medical practitioner with a strong focus on her patients’ well-being. Anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and live a healthy life is welcome in her healthcare facility. Listed below are a few things that make Dr. Khan unique:

Board Certification: 

Dr. Maryam Khan is a certified physician with a Board Certification in Internal Medicine, ensuring her patients the best possible treatments for almost every health condition.

Local Expertise: 

Dr. Maryam Khan has gained an in-depth knowledge of the particular health requirements and difficulties faced by the patients of Baltimore since her moving in 2016. She is well aware of her neighborhood, which enables her to deal with each patient’s needs in a different way.

Educational Background: 

After graduating from Karachi, Pakistan’s Dow University of Health Sciences, in 2009, Dr. Maryam Khan started her career as a physician. Her keen interest in internal medicine brought her to the completion of her residency at MedStar Health in Baltimore. Her distinguished past bears witness to her devotion and passion for the medical industry.

Areas of Expertise:


Providing a thorough method of controlling blood pressure. 

Diabetes:   Providing individuals with diabetes with the best possible treatment and direction.

Osteoporosis & Fall Prevention: Geriatric patients receive specialized therapy to maintain strong bones and reduce their risk of falling.

Cancer Screenings & Preventive Care:

Dr. Khan is a proponent of early detection and preventive health measures.

Dr. Maryam Khan,
Dr. Maryam Khan about us

Asthma: Comprehensive treatment and management techniques for those with respiratory difficulties related to asthma.

Tobacco & Alcohol Cessation Counselling:

Assisting clients in breaking their addictions to lead better lives.  

Obesity-Related Health Problems:

A comprehensive approach to weight management, incorporating lifestyle modifications and medical interventions.

Dr. Maryam Khan’s commitment and devotion to her patients are far beyond their immediate concerns. Her true belief in maintaining relationships and understanding each and every individual’s life journey is what makes her perfect in creating a health proposal that suits each individual’s exceptional prerequisites. Whenever you walk into Dr. Khan’s health facility, keep in mind that you’re not just a patient; you’re a family.

Thank you for relying on us for your healthcare needs. We look forward to being a part of your wellness journey. Feel free to contact us.